1:1 Coaching with Pallas

Address your specific challenges by working with me 1:1 in hour-long online sessions.

I've helped clients finally own what they're best at doing and position themselves for success - using the right words to describe what their unique offering is, comfortably and authentically.

Figure out how to play to your core strengths, honor your values and do what you're passionate about.

If you feel: restless, unfulfilled, unhappy and under-appreciated. 

I can help you get: focused, empowered, confident, visible. 

In order to be valued, you have to own your value.  To get what you're worth, you need to invest in yourself.  Get the opportunity, recognition and life you deserve. 

Get the personal guidance you need to figure out the next steps to take to make your life pop with passion, purpose and personality.

Let me help you lead an extraordinary life.


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