The POP ProcessĀ®

The POP ProcessĀ® is a proven, engaging model I co-created that helps you discover the words and strategies to describe who you are and what you do best. This process works for individuals, teams and small businesses.

It can be hard to pinpoint what you're best at doing.

(And it can feel uncomfortable to express it.)

We're not taught how to give voice to you what we're passionate about and what our values are.

The POP Process® gives you a way to find your words for each of your "layers" and share the value you offer, by framing it about how you best serve others.

Define and learn how to articulate your "brand". Create a statement and a strategy. 


With your words, you can position yourself effectively.

When you can clearly articulate who you are, what you do and why, use your "Defining Words" to:

  • Create a plan to position yourself online. Make over your LinkedIn profile and create a social media strategy to get noticed naturally

  • Practice your Pitch - be real, be comfortable, but be strategic when you pitch face to face

  • Learn strategies to work with human nature & be more persuasive  & make genuine connections


The POP Process® can make it easier to pivot, when necessary.

Sometimes we realise that we've not been playing to our strengths, or not honouring our values. Or that we're offering isn't what the "market" wants.

When you have clearly identified your various strengths, passions, values, skills and experience, you can choose a different combination to leverage, that still aligns with who you are but helps you achieve more strategic goals successfully.


POP Tip: Why Your Passions and Values Matter


"The process of choosing our 3 key words...was a good insight into our team as well as giving me three words I can draw upon on a daily basis. I thought the process we went through was excellent, productive and positive..."

David Mole
Previous Projects Team Head, Trade Me

"I found the POP process both inspiring and extremely effective. Pallas has supported me to better articulate who I am and what I have to offer an organisation; I am now more confident and purposeful when presenting to others."

Nicole Parker
Government Professional

"I was able to examine what my core values are and recognise, for the first time in my career, how much I am driven by my values and need to work at an organisation that aligns with them. When I was looking for my next opportunity I knew that my skills and experience could be applied to many different roles, so I focused on value alignment. "

Kim Partridge
Communications Strategist

"...when you discussed the 'candy coating' you mentioned that this was about saying 'how you can best serve people'. For me this was the piece I've been missing. Previously I saw personal branding as all about 'me, me, me' which made me very uncomfortable and meant that I didn't take action on it. Thank you for helping me to see a different perspective and take action on something I've struggled with for many years."

Sam Daish

"It sounds simple, but having had Pallas first hand walk me through this process you might be blown away by what you find and how others see you. The Pop process was clarifying and liberating and has given me a framework of words and phrases to both define myself to others and define my work....."

Elizabeth Stein
Personal Health Professional

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