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You might just want to read a book at your own pace, or watch an online webinar. You could be a part of a group - or you may need a 1:1 realignment session with more personalized attention. Choose whatever works best for you...

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LinkedIn Profile Crafting & Strategy Package

Get started on what so many put off: updating your LinkedIn presence. From recrafting your LinkedIn summary to coming up with a strategy to getting you seen so you can make valuable networking connections.


1:1 Coaching With Pallas

Book a realignment session! If you're feeling stuck, this is a great way to pop that bubble that's trapped you, troubleshoot challenges and come up with a practical plan to get past what's stopping you from leading a life (personally or professionally) that pops.


Building Confidence On Camera

After 20 years in the news business, I compiled a wealth of behind-the-scenes secrets to compelling storytelling & strategic messaging.

What I learned can help you face any microphone, podium or camera.


Get Inspired Short Video Course

Own your strengths! If you feel like you're not living the life you want and deserve and you're looking for inspiration, this could be the first step to changing your life...


POP Process Coaching

Dive right into the full POP Process. Learn how to recognize, define and articulate the value that you have to offer so that you can strategically and authentically connect with others.


Pop Tips

Short and sweet video clips that deliver instant professional and personal development tips and takeaways to make your life pop right now.


Get a FREE preview of my latest e-book Make Your Life Pop here!

Make Your Life POP E-book

The COVID-19 challenge is making us all take a closer look at how we spend our time and energy.
Are you trying to redefine, realign or reinvent? Take the first step with this short and sweet read. 


Discovering Yourself in New Zealand Book

Wishing you could reinvent? Would you ever dare to move to New Zealand? Learn what I found out when I moved here. An armchair tour, filled with inspiration to reinvent your life, without leaving home.


POP Cups

These are lightweight keep cups made with a blend of rice husks and bpa-free plastic.

A step in the right direction for the environment and a fun to remind yourself to make your life pop today!


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