COVID: Lost and Learned

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021

Happy to share something that I was able to contribute to: a documentary about how the COVID crisis was handled and felt around the world.

So much has changed since I recorded this:

- Aucklanders and communities in surrounding areas were locked down from August through December after the delta variant hit
- we have seen deaths rise to 47, and individual cases no longer make headlines
- the emergence of new variants has wreaked havoc with attempts and plan to open borders
- mask mandates are now in place
- new vaccine passport requirements are limiting travel and access to businesses

Bottom line, many of the challenges the rest of the world has faced since the start are now being felt and dealt with down here.

But such is the nature of this pandemic: constant change. 

That said, New Zealand has just passed a milestone of a 90% full vaccination rate across the board and 86% first dose, 76% per cent fully vaccinated among Māori.

Kia kaha as we now enter the holiday season with...

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Shock and Awe

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2021

My passion project for a while now has been writing. And I write nonfiction, mainly. I've been focusing on the news for a wee while now. It's the job that "ate my life". But it taught me how to confront people and situations with courage. How to dig deep to get to the story beneath the story. Even though I left the TV news business years ago, I am still digging. What I've discovered may make you think about the media you consume: mainstream and social. Click here to read some of my reflections on how are being manipulated.

#media #socialmedia #ethicalbusiness



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Why you should care about Storytelling & Media Training

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2021

I recently gave a Media Training / Strategic Storytelling workshop to a group in Central Otago. To be honest, at the start of the day, they weren't quite sure what to expect, or even why they'd be interested. Very few had to tell "stories" to "reporters" in the "media". I get that.

However, after our day together, based on the feedback I received, the participants walked away with a new appreciation for the many ways we can use these skills in our everyday life, including:

- knowing exactly where to look at your on-computer camera, while still being able to see the other person's reaction
- understanding how to frame your emails to get the buy-in you want instead of a reaction against what you're trying to accomplish
- taking control of situations in which you feel you "need" to answer, instead of learning how to buy time or defer to someone else

Some said they'd use the strategies in their everyday life. And one even admitted they would be great for dealing with her teenager!


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COVID Crisis

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

Oh but you're so "strong and resilient"! Why don't you stay the course?

That's one of the reactions described in an article I recently read, when a woman announced she was quitting her job to focus on family.

I faced a similar reaction when I announced I was leaving a successful media career to move to New Zealand.

I did it to be with my family. To better align with my passions and values. And to support other women who wanted to reinvent.

Some are calling this compelling urge to make big changes in our lives right now a "Covid Midlife Crisis".

All too often it takes a crisis to make us look in the mirror and assess what we see.

So many of us have worked so hard for too long to prove that we are "strong and resilient".

Now is the time to ask: "Is what I'm doing feeding my soul? Is it even healthy? Or am I trying to prove something to somebody else?"

If the answers are a wake-up call, and you have the financial freedom to make a change, do it...

And if you'd like to read the article...

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"Masks are like handcuffs"

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

I recently traveled from New Zealand to the USA, to see my family (some for the first time in two years) as well as to do some long-overdue business.

The trip was an eye-opener, in many ways.

I've tried to express how it felt and what I observed in the article below.

It's based more on observation, not judgment.

(So don't pre-judge by the headline...)

Click here to read and understand!

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Why Passion Isn’t Enough: The Case for Purpose, Perseverance and Proactivity

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2021

A recent Entrepreneur's Handbook article, quoted researchers from Harvard who tossed cold water on the idea that we need to be passionate about what we do in order to be successful.

As passion is part of my business title (POP stands for the Power of Passion, and Purpose and Personality), this caught my attention.

Poo-pooing passion is not new. Lots of commentators believe that passion is not just over-rated, but over-weighted.

Alan Trapulionis, the author of the article, defines both passion and purpose in this way:

“Passion is when you’re excited to see a new episode of your favourite show.

Passion is when you’re getting goosebumps listening to a song.

Passion is when you’re doing things for the sake of doing them.

Purpose is the opposite of that.

Purpose is when you’re *not* eating that box of doughnuts because you want to look good after the pandemic is over.

Purpose is when you’re so anxious you’re going to be sick, but you still...

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Fake News?

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

Most of you know I spent decades working in TV News. We faced a number of challenges behind the scenes that most people had no idea about. Most of the people I worked with were people with integrity. Since I left the business, the phrase "Fake News" has been coined and weaponised. As a communications professional, a citizen and a former journalist, I felt it was important to shed some light on what most news organisations aim to be: a critical part of democracy. So I attended a panel with some of New Zealand's top journalists. Feel free to click and read if you'd like to know about our perspective.


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Be The Pot Roast

My father is particularly good at what I call "sticky storytelling": telling memorable stories to teach important life-lessons. He does this when we're online just talking, but he probably doesn't realise that I often take notes...and later find a way to use them!

A while ago, when I was preparing to present a speech about uncertainty (long before COVID was a thing), I decided to share one of my Dad's sticky-stories.

We’d been talking about ‘going with the flow’ in life, when he mentioned having a dream about a juicy, perfectly browned, succulent pot roast that was so tender, the meat fell off the bone. Only he was the pot roast. And he happened to be floating down a stream in the dream.  When he struggled against the current, and fought where it was trying to take him, he started to fall apart.

When I was looking for stories to weave through my ‘uncertainty’ speech, that pot roast image kept coming back. Maybe...
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Stay Your Course

Wonder why people keep treating you the same way as they always have, even when it's clear you're trying to change?
When you're actively doing things differently, trying to live a life more aligned with who you really are, one of the biggest obstacles can be how others react.
If you try to better yourself, some will warn you not to expect too much. They mean well. They want to protect you from disappointment.
Or when you start to prioritise time for yourself, others may get resentful and push back. They might even call you selfish. They're just used to you always putting them first.
So, what do you do? 🤔
First, you can choose how to react. Expect that as you change, others won't. They may, as I just mentioned, actively try to stop you from changing. If you expect that reaction, it won't be a surprise when you run into it.
Choose not to be surprised. And then choose not to be steered off course.
Remember this phrase that I...
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Podcast on The Sam & Jo VA Show

These two women are amazing! They literally have no fear. They've partnered not just on uniting and educating Virtual Assistants, but also have started a new podcast.

They invited me on to talk about tips from finding your authentic voice and how to "stand out". Obviously, these apply to anyone, not just VAs. 

You can listen to the podcast here.

And here are some shortcuts for you:

Who admits to feeling imposter syndrome? @ 1:15
Why New Zealand was such an easy place to move @ 3:50
How Sam learned how important it is just to be yourself @ 4:59
Why you feel vulnerable putting yourself "out there" @ 5:33
How to reframe drawing attention to yourself @ 6:10
How to identify your combination of skills and strengths @ 7:00
Why it's important to ask others what you're best at @ 10:00
What is the POP Process? How can it help you? @ 10:30
What do you put in LinkedIn summaries & bios?...
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