Live the Life you Deserve

Build clarity and confidence, get 1:1 help to

- Realign what you spend your time and energy on with your true talents, passions & values

- Push past challenges, cultivate a more resilient mindset

- Clarify your communication style with a DiSC® profile

- Find the words to express who you are and what you offer by doing the full POP Process® 

- Position yourself for success, with a practical plan

Life is short. Make It Pop. Make it Extraordinary.


Who is Personal Mentoring For?

If you've tried to figure things out on your own - but keep running into roadblocks / If you've forgotten who you are and what you're capable of / If you feel like the life you're living doesn't match who you really are / If you put on an "outer layer" - paste on a smile or wrap yourself in an "image" that doesn't match who you are inside / If you're trapped in a bubble and not getting the recognition and success you deserve / If you aren't living the life you want - I can help you.

- Re-connect to your inner core, your talents and passions, your value 

- Align the life you lead on the outside with who you are on the inside

- Pop the bubble you’re trapped in and starting living life out loud

- Think strategically about how to position yourself with authenticity

- Take the first steps toward leading an extraordinary life


Success Stories


"It sounds simple, but having had Pallas first hand walk me through this process you might be blown away by what you find and how others see you. The Pop process was clarifying and liberating and has given me a framework of words and phrases to both define myself to others and define my work....."

Elizabeth Stein
Personal Health Professional

"I was able to examine what my core values are and recognise, for the first time in my career, how much I am driven by my values and need to work at an organisation that aligns with them. When I was looking for my next opportunity I knew that my skills and experience could be applied to many different roles, so I focused on value alignment. "

Kim Partridge
Communications Strategist

"I found the POP process both inspiring and extremely effective. Pallas has supported me to better articulate who I am and what I have to offer an organisation; I am now more confident and purposeful when presenting to others."

Nicole Parker
Government Professional

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