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Anja Geelen's Review

I have been a subscriber to the POP newsletter for several years. It's one of the few newsletters I actually read. I find Pallas' writing authentic, engaging and motivating. So is her latest 'Make Your Life POP' book.

The approach she's taken, popping bubbles when you're feeling stuck and turning "SOS" into a Source of Strength, is refreshing and simple.
Her writing is engaging, clear, and easy to understand. The use of analogies makes it a pleasant read. I particular like the Bonbon Model® and the bonbon analogy.

The numerous illustrations of the different bubbles and POP Process® add to the clarity. The book also comes with a list of relevant resources, books, tips and tools which I have found very useful and I have already used several of them.

If you're invested in both your personal and professional development and want some help to (re)connect to your passion, purpose and personality, you'll find 'Make Your Life POP' a useful little gem to read.
(Anja is the Founder of The Heart School)

The COVID-19 challenge forced us all to press pause and take a closer look at how we spend our time and energy.
Many of us are now trying to redefine, realign or reinvent as we navigate our way forward, step by uncertain step.
From defining who you are, to building your resilience, to finding new opportunities, now is the time to get clear about:

* what you really want in life
* what your true value is
* how to combine both to succeed

Whether you’re just trying to survive, or looking for new ways to thrive, choosing your next steps can be challenging without a guide. This book will help you:

* pinpoint your strengths
* position yourself to get noticed
* pivot in a brand new direction

After I moved to New Zealand in 2011, I wrote a book about how I reinvented. Now I'm sharing the POP Process® that I co-created here, to help you, step by step:

* overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty
* find the confidence and clarity to own and express your value
* determine what next steps to take toward a new job or better life

From defining your personal brand to learning how to position yourself on LinkedIn or just get comfortable with “gentle networking”, I provide practical tips, a kick and a strategy. And I share more of my personal journey.

This book promises instant ROI:

R = you’ll feel Re-energized and Re-engaged
O = you’ll be able to Own your value and find more Opportunities for success
I = you’ll have a clearer sense of your own Identity, and Inspiration to express it

Want a life with more passion and purpose? Need more recognition and opportunities?

Reconnect with who you really are. Get more motivation. Build your resilience. Change your mindset.

Learn how to lead your best life, especially as we pop our bubbles and step out into the world again.

Life is Short. Make it POP! Make it Extraordinary.

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