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You'll get access to the private Members Club Facebook Group to connect with me, and other people just like you, who want to make life POP!

Magic lies in the perspective and collective wisdom from others in our tribe who have been there and done that, and who can help guide you too.

Get the support, motivation, practical tools, useful information and the inspiration you crave - all from my Facebook Tribe. 

1:1 Private Check-in & Pop-up Coaching

You'll get regular Pop-up coaching, when I answer your questions about how to get past any obstacles and to help you bounce back when you get knocked down. 

You'll also get a personal 1:1 online check-in with me!!

I offer a mix of personal and professional development to help you realign or reinvent, regain confidence or rediscover your passion for what you do.



Book, Videos, Mini-blogs & Emails

You'll get your own downloadable copy of The POP Process® Workbook: a step-by-step guide through a proven, powerful model that provides practical steps to pinpoint your strengths, values and passions.

Be supported with a full three months of emails to keep you working through the steps.

You'll also get POP Tips Videos: easy-to-access tools and techniques to live a life that POPs.


"AMAZING thank you soooooo much! You sure know how to brighten up someone's life and give them just the right amount of direction/guidance needed to get on and make those tough decisions."

New Zealand

"She’s always an amazing sounding board for life…relationships, choices in work, dilemmas, angsts – she’s very widely read and actually remembers it (!) so draws all this into what she gives to others. I’ve learnt how to be confident in a work situation, how not to sell myself short, and how to be content in a situation that is ever evolving and progressing (and not feel a failure because I haven’t reached “the end” or goal…whatever that is). For the first time in a long time I feel very comfortable with who I am and where my life is going. "

Kate Peters

"It’s been clarifying to have this process along with being encouraged and supported to do deep reflection...I highly recommend Pallas and the POP Process® for those wanting to delve deeper into who you are at your core...It sounds simple, but having had Pallas first-hand walk me through...was clarifying and liberating. "

Elizabeth Stein

"Pallas was a huge help in helping me think about what I really wanted - to see beyond the distractions of my current job and everyday life and think about what really motivates and inspires me. She helped me take a leap from a prestigious and stable position to something a bit higher risk, but more better aligned with my personal goals and values. I wouldn’t have taken the plunge without The POP Process® and Pallas’ encouragement....I suppose you kept me honest and reminded me to go with my gut/heart, rather than my head."

Rachel Fleet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I and what do I know about finding your purpose, following your passion & expressing your personality?

I spent 20 years in the news business, working my way up from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. Along the way, I also raised a family. I learned how to find balance and when it was time to make a change, how to reinvent as a TEDx speaker, writer and mentor.

I figured out how to craft a personal brand distinct from my station's image. I also interviewed and connected with hundreds of people - everyday people, not just celebrities and politicians. I figured out how to tell their stories and help them get the recognition and opportunities they deserved.

That's when I resolved to help ordinary people lead extraordinary lives. Learn more about me in the About section above or on the home page...

Who is the Facebook Tribe for?

Any woman who listens to the still small voice inside that believes she can live a life on the outside that matches who she is on the inside - but isn't sure where to start or is scared to take the first step.

Any woman who is willing to challenge herself - but in baby steps.

All wonderful women who want to get past 'coulds and shoulds' and create the lives they deserve.

Wise women who are ready and willing to take the first step...together with our tribe.

Women who believe I AM WORTH IT!



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