Multimedia Training

After 20 years in the news business, I compiled a wealth of behind-the-scenes secrets to compelling storytelling & strategic messaging.

What I learned can help you face any microphone, podium or camera. 

Get Comfortable on Camera


Today we are spending an awful lot of time facing little tiny cameras - holding. meetings, conducting interviews, presenting webinars and coursework or participating in videoconferences.

I have 20 years experience talking to a camera! So I can tell you how to get cut-throuh and make an impact. 

Learn behind-the-scenes techniques and secrets I mastered from the anchor seat when I was in TV news.


I can help you:

- get confident & comfortable on camera or microphone

- position yourself with personality

- connect with others authentically

- get past stumbling blocks & nervousness

- take strategic control of messaging

Watch an online video for a quick up-skill.

Book a 1:1 session to get customised help.

"Pallas helped me build the confidence to get back into a media spokesperson role after a few years out of the market. She offered strategies I could use to continuously improve as well as to position the organisation I am supporting in the best light. If you are looking for media training - on and off camera - Pallas can help you build confidence, polish your presentation skills and master strategic messaging techniques."

- Vanisa Dhiru, President, National Council of Women, New Zealand

"As a newscaster/reporter Pallas was outstanding - blending authority with personability. She brought the same extraordinary skills to "coaching" me. She was super-articulate, direct and demanding, yet kind and caring. I learned and improved enormously over a series of 4 coaching sessions. She's just outstanding."

- Dan Mulhern, Distinguished Practitioner of Business and Law at UC Berkeley, former "First Gentleman" of Michigan


I coach via cyberspace. I'm also happy to travel for 1:1 sessions, or invite you to a South Island retreat for an intensive session. Group workshops on Multimedia Training and Strategic Messaging are also on offer.


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