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My professional speaking has taken me to stages from Cambodia to New Zealand. I've been lucky enough to present a TEDx Talk and wIn New Zealand's Brightstar Emerging Speaker of the Year Award.  I share a  lifetime of lessons and make genuine connections...


Right now my mission is to help 100,000 people lead lives that POP! How's that possible? It started with my TEDx Talk below.


Redefining an Extraordinary Life ā€‹

I believe anyone can lead an extraordinary life. It's all in how you define "extraordinary". Watch to see how I re-define that word and share and secrets to living the life you deserve.

Humanitarian Affairs Conferenceā€‹

There's something especially rewarding about talking to students. At the 5th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Cambodia, I took my TEDx Talk one step further, and revealed that the path to an Extraordinary Life may not be short or straight but made up of baby steps and even missteps along the way. For young people today, who feel pressured to "find their passion" and "make their mark" fast, it's critical to understand the long view.

Open Data Symposium at Parliament

One of my services is to act as a professional emcee. These are just a few highlights of my part in an Open Data Symposium at the New Zealand Parliament, hosted by the Ministry for Land Information. I particularly enjoy helping make complex topics more relatable. How can I help your organisation with an upcoming event?

In the News

My professional speaking and mentoring is based on many years in broadcast journalism. People always want to see highlights of some of what I here you go!

Happy to travel for speaking "gigs",Ā I alsoĀ emcee and offer breakout workshops on The POP ProcessĀ®, Personal Brand and Strategic Messaging.

Watch testimonials from people who've attended my talks.


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Feedback From Public Speaking

"Grounded, approachable... Blending authority with personality..."

Dan Mulhern
UC Berkeley

"Pallas' presence, energy and message were uplifting, practical and inspiring. Delegates loved her presentation."

Karen Boyes
Spectrum Education

"Best consultant preso I've seen in such a long time! Amazing. High Energy. Fab content..."

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