Personal & Team Brand

Whether you're an individual, teams or small businesses, get the help you've been wanting to find your words.

Learn how to articulate who you are and what you do best - what your unique selling point is.

It's not an "image" you create, but about using the POP Process® to define your authentic brand - from the inside out.

Not to impress, but to contribute & connect. 


Why do you need a brand?

Because people judge each other and form opinions fast.

If you're not making your strengths, passions, values, skills and experience clear, they can't see the value you have to offer.

The more clarity you have, the more confidence you will feel and express and the more recognition and opportunities you'll get.

What do you do with a brand?

You articulate the value you offer, become empowered by having the words and the tools and connect with others strategically.

- Craft your LinkedIn® profile & bio

- Create a summary section for your CV

- Articulate your story and value

- Position yourself strategically online and in interviews & networking

I can create your LinkedIn profile for you. Tell people who you are as well as what you do. I help identifying the stories you can use to position yourself in job interviews and do what I call "gentle networking".  



The POP Process® works especially well for teams within companies or small companies themselves to get clear about their unique selling proposition. I offer team brand workshops to guide teams to choose the specific words that authentically and strategically describe what what makes them distinct. Getting your "brand articulation" right is worth your time and investment..."to really attract clients that we would love to work with!" (see more testimonials below...).


"...when you discussed the 'candy coating' you mentioned that this was about saying 'how you can best serve people'. For me this was the piece I've been missing. Previously I saw personal branding as all about 'me, me, me' which made me very uncomfortable and meant that I didn't take action on it. Thank you for helping me to see a different perspective and take action on something I've struggled with for many years."

Sam Daish

"The process of choosing our 3 key words...was a good insight into our team as well as giving me three words I can draw upon on a daily basis." ​ (Projects Team Member, Trade Me) ​ "I thought the process we went through was excellent, productive and positive... ​ "

David Mole
Previous Projects Team Head, Trade Me

"Through her process Pallas made crystal clear for us what it was we can do, but more importantly what it was we wanted to do – and then using our defining words to really attract clients that we would love to work with. The way we defined ourselves went from ho-hum to alive – and that inspired us as well." " We loved working with you Pallas, you helped us get clarity around what we are all about. The process was easy and insightful and challenged how we thought about ourselves as a business."

Team Members
Fernhill Associates

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