Stay Your Course

Wonder why people keep treating you the same way as they always have, even when it's clear you're trying to change?
When you're actively doing things differently, trying to live a life more aligned with who you really are, one of the biggest obstacles can be how others react.
If you try to better yourself, some will warn you not to expect too much. They mean well. They want to protect you from disappointment.
Or when you start to prioritise time for yourself, others may get resentful and push back. They might even call you selfish. They're just used to you always putting them first.
So, what do you do? 🤔
First, you can choose how to react. Expect that as you change, others won't. They may, as I just mentioned, actively try to stop you from changing. If you expect that reaction, it won't be a surprise when you run into it.
Choose not to be surprised. And then choose not to be steered off course.
Remember this phrase that I learned from a book called "Boundaries for Leaders" by Dr. Henry Cloud. He says, essentially, you get what you allow.
That means whatever behavior people are pulling on you is what you're allowing them to do.
So, when people push back and try to push you off your path, have phrases like "I hear what you're saying" or "I'll take it on board" at the ready. It's a polite way of making them feel heard.
But then - and this is critical - just do exactly what you were planning to do anyway. 
Choose not to dwell on their concern and instead stick to your goals.
Choose your reaction. Choose your course. Choose to stay strong. 💪
You will get to where you're going.
And you will show everyone who doubted you along your journey how to lead a life that truly POPs! 🌟
(Photo courtesy Adrain Dascal at Unsplash)

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