From Pain to Potential: The Power of Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone fear pain Feb 10, 2018

Screamed at, chased and threatened, I’ve been the target of anger, shock and rage - even an angry mob on occasion.

As a news reporter, you find yourself in some very volatile situations, some dangerous.  Situations that demand you summon your courage to defuse, before emotion gives way to physical reaction.

I was always able to carefully confront and de-escalate the frenzy and fury. But sometimes I’d leave shaking!

Today, I’m no longer a news reporter, and sometimes I wonder how I EVER ended up as one. As a child, I was shy to the extreme, and so afraid to speak up that I made an irresistible target for bullies.  I remember, at age 7, being circled by a group of boys taunting me and throwing things.  I stood there silent and frozen, terrified of direct confrontation.

How do you push past that paralyzing fear? Step by Baby Step.

My journey started with moving to new schools, on to new states and then, and then to new countries (from England to...

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