Why you should care about Storytelling & Media Training

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2021

I recently gave a Media Training / Strategic Storytelling workshop to a group in Central Otago. To be honest, at the start of the day, they weren't quite sure what to expect, or even why they'd be interested. Very few had to tell "stories" to "reporters" in the "media". I get that.

However, after our day together, based on the feedback I received, the participants walked away with a new appreciation for the many ways we can use these skills in our everyday life, including:

- knowing exactly where to look at your on-computer camera, while still being able to see the other person's reaction
- understanding how to frame your emails to get the buy-in you want instead of a reaction against what you're trying to accomplish
- taking control of situations in which you feel you "need" to answer, instead of learning how to buy time or defer to someone else

Some said they'd use the strategies in their everyday life. And one even admitted they would be great for dealing with her teenager!

Daniel Pink, in his book "A Whole New Mind", talks about the role of storytelling as critical to our future in the workplace. Especially as we see more and more automation in the workplace.

Combining storytelling with being able to play to all those webcams and computer cameras, the "media" we all now face, is something that can help anyone in our changing workplaces. Especially with the work/life blend we're trying to figure out in our ever-evolving world.

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