COVID: Lost and Learned

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021

Happy to share something that I was able to contribute to: a documentary about how the COVID crisis was handled and felt around the world.

So much has changed since I recorded this:

- Aucklanders and communities in surrounding areas were locked down from August through December after the delta variant hit
- we have seen deaths rise to 47, and individual cases no longer make headlines
- the emergence of new variants has wreaked havoc with attempts and plan to open borders
- mask mandates are now in place
- new vaccine passport requirements are limiting travel and access to businesses

Bottom line, many of the challenges the rest of the world has faced since the start are now being felt and dealt with down here.

But such is the nature of this pandemic: constant change. 

That said, New Zealand has just passed a milestone of a 90% full vaccination rate across the board and 86% first dose, 76% per cent fully vaccinated among Mฤori.

Kia kaha as we now enter the holiday season with domestic travel restrictions lifted.

Click here to see the clip about New Zealand or the entire documentary.

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