COVID Crisis

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

Oh but you're so "strong and resilient"! Why don't you stay the course?

That's one of the reactions described in an article I recently read, when a woman announced she was quitting her job to focus on family.

I faced a similar reaction when I announced I was leaving a successful media career to move to New Zealand.

I did it to be with my family. To better align with my passions and values. And to support other women who wanted to reinvent.

Some are calling this compelling urge to make big changes in our lives right now a "Covid Midlife Crisis".

All too often it takes a crisis to make us look in the mirror and assess what we see.

So many of us have worked so hard for too long to prove that we are "strong and resilient".

Now is the time to ask: "Is what I'm doing feeding my soul? Is it even healthy? Or am I trying to prove something to somebody else?"

If the answers are a wake-up call, and you have the financial freedom to make a change, do it...

And if you'd like to read the article and comment on my take on it, click here.

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(Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash_



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